Vital Spaces is an ecosystem of offerings for the AAA workplace transformation that empowers you to plan for shifting futures and optimize your spaces while keeping your people at the heart of everything you do.

Workplace Evolution

Food Connection creates convenient food options for AAA without sacrificing quality by integrating agile on-site and off-site operations to provide flexible menu choices and delivery options.

The New Food Ecosystem

Delivering on AAA’s business goals with an outcome-focused approach to workplace planning.

Workplace Experience & Design

Beach Cleanup Volunteers

Nowadays, running a successful company isn’t just about making a profit. Forward-thinking organizations know that demonstrating corporate responsibility is more than just an ethical decision; it makes good business sense too.


We can help AAA explore ways to do business while protecting the environment and improving people’s lives.

CSR & Wellness


As we work, our dedication to making every day a better day for your people and your organization comes from one goal—to positively improve quality of life. 

Here are a few of the foundations of the way we approach solutions to accomplish our goals for AAA.

Thought Leadership & Innovation